Cronograma Capilar com produtos coreanos

Hair Schedule with Korean products

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Ah, the hair... We often believe that just washing and conditioning is already good for the health of the hair, right? But just as we understand that our skin has its needs, we need to understand that hair care is not very different from skincare .

Within the schedule there are three main treatments whose objective is to make your hair softer, shinier and extremely hydrated, and we will explain a little about each one to you. And as a bonus we will bring you some great Korean products for hair health.


We can say that this is the best-known treatment in the hair world. Who has never heard a friend explain that they need to moisturize their hair because it is dry? Well, hydration on the schedule seeks to replace water and nutrients lost due to heat, stress, chemical procedures and pollution that we face daily.

Products that have jojoba oil in their formula, but also those that have D-Panthenol, aloe vera or castor oil help a lot with the treatment.

We recommend that anyone who wants to undergo a hydration treatment use the Perfect Hair Serum , from Mise en Scene , as it has many oils with the function of moisturizing. In it you can find jojoba, apricot and castor oil, not to mention that the serum itself helps protect the hair against heat.


If you have curly or frizzy hair, you should know that the oil produced on the scalp does not reach the ends of the hair, right? So, if you have any of these types of hair, or have dry hair, you need to undergo a nutritional treatment so that your locks are hydrated, healthy and without having to do method C (cutting your hair).

For this treatment, it is important that the product contains argan oil, castor oil and egg protein, perfect for dehydrated hair.

If you don't want to put eggs in your hair because you don't like the texture, or even because of the strong smell, we recommend Too Cool For School's Egg Remedy Hair Oil , it contains egg extract, yolk oil, several proteins in the formula and oil. of argan. Not to mention the smell is wonderful!

Hair reconstruction

Just as our skin has different types, so do our hair types! And this treatment is extremely suitable for fine or porous strands. Reconstruction helps to replace the proteins that the hair has lost due to being very thin, and also helps to nourish the hair. Only good things, right?

But be careful, if your hair is not elastic or not very damaged, it is recommended to do this treatment every 15 days, so as not to overload the strands with too much protein. However, if your strands are elastic and/or very brittle, it is important to carry out the treatment weekly, so that your hair becomes healthy again.

Ryo's Damage Care Treatment is the best for hair reconstruction on the Korean market, as it contains castor oil, a super moisturizing ingredient, ginseng extract, which helps reduce hair oxidation, as well as soy protein and glycerin.

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