Manchas e ativos clareadores - O guia completo

Lightening stains and active ingredients - The complete guide

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Characterized by hyperpigmentation, spots are caused by the accumulation or absence of certain types of pigments on the skin's surface. Even though they are common, unwanted blemishes are usually uncomfortable, especially on the face. Let's understand how it happens and what are the right active ingredients to treat blemishes!

The most common types of stains:

Melasma : mainly caused by sun exposure, can also occur during pregnancy or the use of contraceptives. It is characterized by brownish hyperpigmentation on the face, but can affect other areas of the body.

Solar melanosis : popularly known as "age spots", they are triggered by excessive sun exposure without the correct use of protection, and can appear on the back of the hands, chest and back.

Ephelides : genetically characteristic, they are the famous freckles. Its appearance is common in lighter skin, especially in redheads and blondes.

Post-inflammatory hyperchromia : these are spots that appear after an inflammatory process, such as acne, insect bites or bruises, for example.

The best active ingredients for treating blemishes:

Glycolic acid : stimulates cell renewal and the removal of stained cells, its action occurs in the detachment of pigmented cells and with dark marks, carrying out progressive whitening. However, glycolic acid needs to be combined with another active ingredient that inhibits the formation of melanin for new cells.

Phe-resorcinol : its action is to inhibit tyrosinase, the enzyme that leads to the production of melanin. It also has an antioxidant effect and promotes greater radiance in the skin and, of course, evens out the tone.

Ferulic acid : this active ingredient reduces the action of free radicals, responsible for the synthesis of melanin and hyperpigmentation. Its activity is antioxidant, which prevents different signals from carrying out the stain formation process.

Tranexamic acid : acts to inhibit the formation of dark spots and block melanin transport. Its action occurs in two ways, blocking the plasmin protein, responsible for activating melanin synthesis, while the second is by regulating the MITF factor - a key protein in the control of melanogenesis and which activates tyrosinase. Furthermore, it promotes cellular detox and reinforces your defense system.

Kojic acid : slightly less potent than the other acids listed above, one of its benefits is that it is not photosensitive and can be used safely during the day. Its action inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme that transforms tyrosine into melanin, thus reducing skin pigmentation.

Retinol : promotes cell renewal, while uniforming skin texture, reducing wrinkles and expression marks, can also be combined with other acids. In addition, it also increases luminosity, firmness and reduces pores.

L-ascorbic acid or vitamin C : powerful antioxidant, its action prevents the production of free radicals, especially those derived from sun exposure. This way, it balances the skin's antioxidant level and also prevents cell damage.

Important precautions:

Not only are treatments with specific products the solution, daily care to prevent the appearance of new blemishes is also necessary for skin health!

Among the most important points, it is worth highlighting protection against sun exposure. Expose yourself to the sun outside of its peaks, at milder times, before 10 am and after 4 pm. Don't forget to use sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out and use accessories such as a hat and glasses that also contain protection factors.

Even indoors, sunscreen also plays an important role. Artificial lights such as computers and television, for example, can also damage the skin and stimulate blemishes.

Furthermore, keep your daily skincare routine focused on spot care and visit your dermatologist regularly!

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