Mugwort Essence

I'm From Mugwort Essence is a calming essence made with 100% mugwort extract. The refreshing fluid formula absorbs sensitive skin and recharges moisture. Vegan Product.

Vegan Product

100% medicinal mugwort extract

Rich in vitamins, minerals and tannins, mugwort is known for its detoxifying effect and is used as tea tree oil in Korea.

This essence soothes, refines and purifies the skin with 100% Korean artemisia extract. It also has a unique and refreshing scent.

For 24 hours, slow release extraction method and low temperature extraction method are used to contain the unique ingredients of artemisia medical.

It absorbs firmly into the skin with a cool, thin fluid formulation.

Full Vegan Product Registration / Skin Irritation Test Completed / Full Residual Pesticide Test / Full Heavy Metal Test

Contains 160ml

1. After using the toner, take out an appropriate amount of essence and pat it onto the skin of the sensitive area to absorb it.
2. On days with very dry or tired skin, apply a lot of essence to 3 cotton pads and apply it over the entire face for 5 minutes.

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