Myni Kakao Friends Fresh TokTok Vita C 1600mg x 108p

Do you need to replenish your body's vitamin C, but don't know how to do it efficiently? Then Ildong Pharmaceutical tablets will help you with this mission!

Each tablet contains 1600mg of Vitamin C, which will give you energy and immunity every day, and the best part, the box contains 108 tablets, that's right: more than 3 months of Vitamin C for you to take!

The tablet contains xylitol, powdered lemon juice, as well as strawberry extract and concentrated plum powder, in other words, a super sweet and tasty tablet for you and your family to take.

Precautions :
In case of specific disease, specific constitution or allergic constitution, it can sometimes overreact depending on the individual, so check before taking. When a child eats, they need to be under the supervision of their guardian.

Brand: Ildong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Quantity: 1,600mg X 108 tablets (172.8g).
Recommended age: All
Type: Bullet (tablet)
Function of Nutrients: Immunity

Chew or melt in your mouth 1 tablet per day.

Glucose, vitamin C, lactose (lactose, dextrin), synthetic flavor (lemon flavor, lemon flavor powder), xylitol, magnesium stearate, citric acid, DL-malic acid, lemon flavor powder, plum concentrate powder, aspartame (sweetener), nicotinic acid amide, vitamin B 6 hydrochloride, berries extract powder, lemon juice powder, vitamin B 2※Contains milk