Have you ever heard of the term K-beauty?

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Welcome to our first ByKorea Blog!

As it's your first time here, we'll tell you more about us. ByKorea is an online store specializing in Korean cosmetics with delivery to Brazil. Our goal is to be part of every Brazilian's daily skin care routine, bringing the best and most modern from the Korean market to Brazil.

We know the importance and relevance that skin care has on self-esteem and feeling good about ourselves. That's why we want all women to feel empowered and happy.

Why do we love the Korean skin care method?

Our skin is not for nothing referred to as a mirror of the soul and health. Radiant, beautiful skin is associated with health, vitality and youth. And who doesn't want to radiate these qualities? Not only in Asia is perfect porcelain skin considered the ideal beauty par excellence.

Also in Europe, more and more women and men are looking for firm, non-porous and smooth skin with an irresistible glow. Korean fur has a long tradition and has always had a high social status in Asia.

She knows how to combine science and nature like no other and produce lightweight, highly effective products from natural ingredients. For facial care, this is not only good, but it actually delivers what it promises at a fair price.

Is there any difference between European and Asian facial care?

Asian beauty secrets are deeply rooted in nature. The main difference between European and Asian facial care is therefore the active ingredients processed in it.

Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty for short, avoids chemical ingredients and focuses entirely on natural ingredients that have been proven in skin care for centuries. This includes vitamin B3, valuable oils and extracts from typical Asian plants, as well as effective active ingredients from fermented soybeans, ginger, bamboo, green tea or ginseng.

All products are very moisturizing without leaving an oily film on the skin. Additionally, Asian facial care is usually dedicated to a specific skin condition and caters to a very broad spectrum.

From oily skin with enlarged pores, to dryness, acne and sensitive skin, there is the right care for every skin type. Unlike European facial care, Korean skincare products are often sweet and luxuriously packaged to attract attention in the store and in the bathroom at home.

Why are Korean face masks, known as sheet masks, an absolute success?

Korean Beauty gives more importance to skin care than makeup. This is why the Korean skin care routine also regularly provides extra care for the skin. And that's where Korean masks come into play.

Facial masks are very popular due to the high concentration of natural active ingredients, as well as their ease of use and immediately visible positive results. They are usually made from comfortable materials such as cotton or viscose, sustainably refresh the skin, hydrate and leave an incomparable glow effect at home and when traveling.

And best of all, because the app is relaxing, you can enjoy a personal spa break in the comfort of your own home.

What's with the 10-step Korean beauty routine?

The 10-step Korean skin care routine is currently a controversially discussed trending topic. What's behind this?

Ten consecutive steps of daily facial care, the so-called 10-step Korean skincare, offers the skin the best possible treatment. Korean women usually start as early as their teens.

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