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10 Passos Rotina de Beleza Coreana

10 Steps Korean Beauty Routine

Posted by SAE HYUN KIM on

Hello girls, do you already know the 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine, also known as K-Beauty?

Korea has always been a reference in the quality of cosmetics. Korean women's skin is becoming a landmark for its impeccable appearance, do you want to know more about what care they take?

Having this healthy skin can be explained through one of the most popular skin routines out there: the 1st steps of K-Beauty, a beauty method that was established in Korea for healthy skin and decades of scientific advances.

Dedicating time in your day to do the 20 skin care steps (10 in the morning and 10 at night) may seem impossible, but when you understand each step and incorporate them into your daily life, you will see that It's something very easy and even pleasurable to do.

Never forget that before following this method or any other, you should consult a dermatologist to find out which products work best for your skin type, agreed?

  • 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine •

Each K-Beauty step has its own particularity, while some are repeated day and night, others are done in just one of these periods, and not all are done daily.

To make the sequence of steps more practical, check here a flowchart of the correct sequence of using products within the K-Beauty routine, as well as the shifts and times per week:

1 – Oil-based makeup remover

The first step in your K-beauty routine begins with an oil-based makeup remover. This type of product, when massaged onto the face, can dissolve and remove residues of pollution, sunscreen and the most resistant makeup, gently and without harming or damaging your skin.

It is recommended to only perform this step at night, as in the morning your skin will not have makeup or sunscreen on.

2 – Water-based soap

The second step is also related to cleaning the skin, and ensures that there is no residue left after cleansing with the oil.

At this stage – also known as double cleansing – it is important that the soap has a lighter, more purifying formula, such as cleansing foams and gel soaps.

3 – Exfoliating

Removing dead cells (excess keratin) from the face helps the skin to better absorb other products that will be applied. This step should not be done every day, depending on your skin type, it is recommended 1 to 2 times a week. It is important that you ask your dermatologist how much is needed for your skin.

4 – Tonic

This step is very important, as the toner is responsible for regulating the skin's pH, and preparing it to better absorb the treatments in the following steps. Look for toners that don't contain alcohol, as it dries out your skin. The milder the toner, the better.

5 – Essence

This step is the heart of the Korean beauty routine. As this type of product is not common here in Brazil, it usually takes us some time to understand it.

The essence is basically an aqueous lotion, which contains a high concentration of active ingredients that hydrate, firm and repair the skin. It also helps with the skin's natural cell renewal and prepares it to receive other products more easily.

6 – Serum

Also known as treatments, this step is considered to perfect the skin.

Serums act in the deepest layers of the skin, and are used to treat specific disorders such as acne, blemishes, expression lines, wrinkles, etc.

Check with your dermatologist about your skin's main needs, and invest in a specific serum for it.

7 – Face Mask (Sheet Mask)

Sheet Masks are disposable paper face masks that serve as a complement to Korean women's skin care routine. It is also a step for you to relax and rest.

There are different types of treatments using sheet masks, from rejuvenating action, collagen stimulation, to skin whitening, oil control, among others.

At this stage, the type of mask must also be in accordance with your skin's needs.

They can be used every day, or two to three times a week, preferably at night.

8 – Eye cream

This step takes care of the thinnest and most delicate area of ​​the face: the eyes. In addition to being a more sensitive area, it is where the first signs of aging appear, which is why Korean women go to great lengths to take care of it.

As the skin around the eyes tends to be drier, the tip is to opt for creams that hydrate and have anti-aging effects. You can also use the same product in the area of ​​the dreaded “Chinese mustache”.

It should be used daily and applied with the ring finger, as it uses less pressure and spreads the product smoothly.

9 – Moisturizer

Moisturizers have the function of replenishing the skin's water levels and sealing all the previous steps. It's an essential step, even for those who don't follow this Asian beauty routine.

The moisturizer can be a gel, cream or emulsion, but it must adapt to your skin type, and here again you need the help of a dermatologist.

When their skin is very dry, Koreans swap their nighttime moisturizer for a night mask, which acts deeper into the skin.

This is the penultimate step of the daytime skin care routine, and the last of the nighttime skin care routine.

10 – Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the step that completes daytime care. Its daily use is as essential as moisturizer, as it prevents premature aging and skin diseases such as cancer.

Oh! And don't forget to reapply it throughout the day.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the K-Beauty routine, and if you do at least some of these steps.

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