Por que fazer a tal da rotina coreana?

Why do the Korean routine?

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K-beauty here, K-beauty there!

You've probably heard of k-beauty or Korean skincare and know that this trend has taken over the world. But have you ever wondered why? We're going to tell you some benefits and curiosities of the Korean routine so you understand the reasons why those who try it fall in love!

Prevention is better than cure!

The saying is old, but it is so true that it has been followed by new generations. Understanding that taking care of your skin in a preventive way is better than fighting a problem (such as acne, blemishes, wrinkles) or disguising it (using makeup), is a big difference in the Korean self-care routine. In addition to having beautiful-looking skin, keeping it healthy is part of the Korean skincare philosophy . And it is through this care that she will become naturally attractive and radiant.

Another important point is knowing how to choose the right products and this involves knowing the specific characteristics and needs of your skin. There are also a series of techniques involved during applications, which will enhance the expected benefits. 

Step by step for a great result! 

The Korean routine is known for having many steps, ranging between 5 and 10 steps. This variation depends on some factors, including your goals, which must be defined based on your skin's needs.

Regardless of how you structure your routine, having the persistence to follow the steps every day is essential. The intention is to achieve and, above all, maintain the skin you so desire.


The secret is care!

If we could summarize the great difference of the Korean routine in one word, we could say that it is “care”. There is concern for every detail: getting to know your skin, structuring a personalized routine, developing products with the best ingredients and technology and using a series of techniques during application.

Taking time to take care of yourself with such affection brings not only a physical benefit, but also an emotional one. Self-care increases your self-esteem and generates results that go far beyond appearance. That's why k-beauty is so good! :D

Basic and essential!

For you to follow a basic Korean skincare routine, we will explain some steps that are considered essential:


1) Double Cleansing (Oil-based Cleansing + Water-based Cleansing)

Double cleansing is done in two steps, the first with a Cleansing Oil, such as Black Head's Super Cleansing Oil, and the second with a Cleansing water, such as Low Ph Cleansing. Water by PyunKang Yul . The Cleansing oil will remove heavy residues such as makeup and sunscreen, while the Cleansing water will eliminate any other residue, making the cleaning deeper and more complete. If you double cleanse at night, you can just do the second step (water-based cleansing) in the morning. 

Cleansing Oil Cleansing water



The tonic or toner removes residue from the pores, hydrates and balances the pH. Because it has a deeper action, people with more sensitive skin may experience some type of peeling. That's why Mamonde developed Chamomile Pure Toner , suitable for sensitive skin. 



It's time to use the product with a specific function to treat any skin problem, such as acne, wrinkles and blemishes. The treatment can come in ampoules, serums, creams, etc.


It will leave your skin soft and hydrated, preventing dryness and flaking. There are several types of moisturizers (cream, gel, foam, gelatin). You can choose what feels most comfortable or best suited to your skin.

Gel moisturizer Cream moisturizer

   M oistfull Collagen Cream by Etude House Aloe Vera 92% Shooting Gel by Nature Republic

Korean moisturizers

Solar protection

One of the most important and essential steps in any self-care routine. Protecting your skin from the sun's rays prevents the appearance of blemishes, premature aging, among other more serious problems such as skin cancer. 


Watery Sun Cream by Laneige is a sunscreen that contains ingredients such as birch sap, rich in moisture and nutrition, keeping the skin hydrated.

Now you have several reasons to join the Korean self-care routine!

In short…

- Prevention is better than cure!

- The health of your skin matters, not just its appearance!

- Follow the routine that your skin needs!

- The more care you take, the better the result!

We have prepared a KIT for beginners, in case you want to start trying this affection and care routine right now.

Some By Mi's AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Starter Kit is suitable for all skin types.


Does your skin have any problems that bother you?

Tell us in the comments and we will recommend the right products ;) 

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