O que é e quando começar um tratamento anti-aging?

What is it and when to start an anti-aging treatment?

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As the years go by, you need to pay extra attention to your skin. But, when we talk about anti-aging care, it is important to emphasize that treatments must be carried out with young skin, as a prevention.

As the saying goes: “prevention is better than cure”, basically, the set of actions will prevent premature aging.

When to start anti-aging treatment?

Anti-aging treatment can be carried out initially at any age with a good sunscreen.

Sun protection prevents serious illnesses caused by ultraviolet rays and also helps with skin elasticity, blemishes and wrinkles.

It is necessary to cultivate the sunscreen habit from childhood and constantly.

As an adult, it is necessary to initially understand the needs of your skin. Is it dry or oily skin? Are you prone to melasma or sagging?

Here, the genetic factor is also of great relevance and, it is worth remembering, that collagen production also decreases. Understanding your skin's needs will help you use the right active ingredients.

These may be some of the signs of aging:

Often, the signs of aging are visible to the eyes and manifest themselves with the appearance of expression lines, sagging, wrinkles, lack of vigor and blemishes on the skin.

Ideally, when you notice one or more signs, you should consult a dermatologist so that you understand the real needs of your skin.

However, all anti-aging treatments work to prevent these signs or alleviate them.

How to prevent premature aging?

Some habits are essential to prevent the appearance of these signs and you can apply them in your daily life.

The first step is to keep your skin clean, washing gently daily to remove any makeup residue or pollution accumulated throughout the day.

As we mentioned previously, the second step is extremely important, it is sunscreen. For an effective anti-aging treatment, it will always be your best friend.

Don't forget to maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine, this combo will prevent premature aging of the body.

Which active ingredients to choose for anti-aging?

For anti-aging treatment, the active ingredients chosen must have an action that corrects the unwanted effects of time.

Retinol : this is one of the favorites when it comes to caring for marks and wrinkles. Retinol acts on cell renewal and works to prolong the skin's collagen, preventing its progressive loss.

Furthermore, it has a keratolytic action, which eliminates dead cells, improves texture, softens enlarged pores and assists in the more effective penetration of other active ingredients.

Vitamin C : we never tire of praising vitamin C, precisely because of the range of benefits it provides. Its greatest action is its antioxidant effect, which prevents the effects of premature aging.

It also stimulates collagen production and has a depigmenting action, being an ally for treating blemishes.

Glycolic acid : this acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid, which works to remove dead cells through light exfoliation.

Therefore, it promotes the reduction of fine wrinkles, stimulates collagen fibers, corrects signs of aging and promotes greater radiance.

Peptides : their main function is to stimulate the production of skin proteins. Helps in the production of collagen, hydration, improving firmness, elasticity and repairing wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid : it is one of the most powerful active ingredients when it comes to hydration. It has water-retaining action, which is essential for preventing wrinkles and sagging.

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