O que é o pH da pele?

What is skin pH?

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In the world of cosmetics and skincare, there is a lot of talk about PH levels, but sometimes this does not receive as much attention as it should. After all, what is skin pH? And why is it so important to balance it?

Today, in this ByKorea article, these questions and others about our skin's pH will be answered.

What is skin pH?

The acronym “pH” stands for “Hydrogen Potential” and it is what measures the acidity of something according to factors such as the amount of salts and metals present in its composition. pH levels range, most of the time, from 0 to 14, and are divided into 3 groups: acidic, neutral and basic/alkaline.

ACIDS: pH levels from 0 to 7

NEUTRALS: levels around 7

BASIC/ALKALINE: levels greater than 7

Therefore, the pH of the skin is influenced by the presence of substances present on its surface. But, contrary to what you may be imagining, the pH of healthy skin is, and should be, acidic from a few weeks after birth, varying between levels of 4 and 5 in most parts of the body and in areas such as the armpits, reaching up to 6.5.

How and why to balance our pH

Unbalanced skin pH can be caused by not only using cosmetics with more “aggressive” ingredients, but also using too many products, no matter how well they work for you. It is very clear when the skin's pH is unbalanced and the imbalance can be noticed in the form of irritation and also hypersensitivity in the skin.

The importance of keeping the skin's pH balanced is that skin with the right pH, that is, a little more acidic, can maintain protection from external issues such as fungi, bacteria and even pollution.

Ph and cosmetics

Cosmetics have their own pH levels and they have the ability to restore or simply maintain your skin's pH when they come into contact with it.

There are specific products for regulating the skin's pH, such as the Hanyul Pure Artemisia Calming pH-Balancing toner , or also with their own low pH, for less chance of skin irritation, such as the famous COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser.

When used correctly and without excess, skincare products are your great friends in keeping your skin healthy and pH balanced!

Have you ever had any problems with your skin's pH? Tell us!

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