About Us

Hi 반가워요~
Meet ByKorea, your new best friend in the world of k-beauty :)

Make yourself at home! We are very happy (and honored) that you will discover the world of k-beauty together with ByKorea. Here we are passionate about Korean cosmetics, and we are excited to share content, conversations and lots of learning about this world. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Founded by a Korean woman passionate about Brazilian culture who has a lot of love for the world of beauty and a passion for curating the best of Korean cosmetics.

ByKorea Beauty is based in the city of Busan, South Korea and offers 100% original Korean beauty products through its online website.

When you shop with ByKorea, it's like spending time with a good friend, a friend who knows her skincare and always has great recommendations. Our online store is carefully crafted to make your experience easy and enjoyable, with detailed product descriptions and images that let you know exactly what you are purchasing. Plus, if you have questions or need some skincare advice, we're happy to help.

At ByKorea, our promise is to always bring the latest beauty trends and innovations from Korea directly to your home. It's a beautiful, ongoing journey for us, one we look forward to experiencing with you.


A letter from Carol~

“As a Korean who loves Brazil, I lived for a long time in this wonderful country, completely opposite to where I come from. I met a lot of incredible people, good food and beautiful places, and so it took my whole heart. Since I was a child, I used (in secret) my mother's cosmetics. So I could never think of a world without cosmetics.

15 years ago when I lived in Brazil for work, I didn't find any cosmetics similar to the ones I used in Korea. It's clear, right, innisfree, Laneige in Brazil 15 years ago? So I started taking products and more products before traveling, and also giving them as gifts to my Brazilian friends. And today, many years later, my dream of bringing Korean cosmetics to Brazil came true.

Thank you for telling your friends, sisters, mothers and co-workers about ByKorea. Thank you for liking our photos on Instagram, for sharing our posts and especially for letting ByKorea be part of your daily routine. My team of incredible women and I are so grateful for your support and shared experiences.”

Thank you for letting us be a part of your self-care! And never forget:

Take care of everything you love, starting with yourself :)