ecobag bag South Korea

Made in Korea, we lovingly prepared this ecobag for you to take By wherever you are.

Our eco-friendly bag can be used daily in all seasons. Its design is practical and basic, but brings together the beauty of different Korean elements.

It's made from thicker fabric than regular eco bags, so it can hold books, laptops or groceries. In its manufacturing process, no chemical bleaching or fluorescent bleaching agents are used.

It has a button for closure and greater security, plus an internal pocket.

Dimensions: 43cm × 30cm × 10cm
Handles: 70cm
Material: 300g cotton canvas

Avoid using washing machines, they can damage your bag and shorten its useful life by damaging the fabric.
Place the ecobag to dry naturally in environments with wind circulation and make sure it is not damp when storing it.

100% cotton