Colorgram Fruity Glass Tint

[Lip gloss]
Colorgram offers a collection of lip glosses that create a romantic mood, suitable for everyday makeup. Its glossy texture provides a glossy, glossy finish for natural, fruity, kissable lips.
Highly pigmented colors stain lips, staying on all day. Perfect for any skin type, this lip gloss is a must-have in your liquid lipstick collection.
[Buildable and mixable]
Natural blend and construction that matches your personal taste. Finish with Pearl Gloss to create a subtle, voluminous shine effect as a finishing touch.
A thin, light layer of color on the lips helps provide a flawless look. Whether you prefer a red lip gloss or a nude lip gloss, the tinted lip gloss formula is perfect for a natural tint on your lips and cheeks.
[Cruelty free]
Both the final product and the ingredients are NOT tested on animals.

Contains 2.8g

#For tint
01. Apply gently to lips starting from the middle and working outwards.
02. Apply layers to create fuller, plumper lips

#For gloss
01. First apply the shade as indicated above
02. Apply to the lip line and in the middle and blend gently with the silicone tip!