Entendendo o que é radical livre

Understanding what a free radical is

Posted by Camila Montecino on

Have you ever wondered why some people experience premature aging? So grab a hot drink and check out why this phenomenon happens!

Free radicals are molecules with odd numbers of electrons , if you know a little about chemistry you know that they surround the atom and need to have their pair in order to stabilize. If the atom becomes odd, the electron that doesn't have its pair starts looking for a complete molecule to take the missing electron for itself . By stealing the electron from the complete molecule, a chain reaction of atoms occurs that look for their pair, causing them to modify the person's proteins, lipids and even their DNA . These changes can cause diseases, some types of cancer and premature skin aging .


No matter how much our body produces these free radicals, the body itself can control their production, which is why not everyone experiences premature aging, but some external factors can increase the creation of odd molecules !

The main point of creation of free radicals is exposure to UVA and UVB rays without adequate protection for the skin, as well as those who drink, smoke, have an unhealthy diet or have a lot of stress in their daily lives, are also more likely to suffer from have many odd molecules.


We don't even need to say that it's important to use sunscreen daily, right? But don't forget to always reapply it to your skin, it's necessary to maintain 100% protection.

Antioxidant active ingredients also help a lot to increase protection against free radicals, invest in products with Vitamin C , Retinol or Niacinamide in your beauty routine, in addition to their benefits that we already know, they will help you get rid of odd atoms.

As much as we talk about skin, we need to remember that the health of your face is also internal, there is no point in always applying sunscreen and using active ingredients if you have an unbalanced diet, smoke, drink and experience a lot of stress. Remember that taking care of your insides is an act of skincare too!

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