DOSSIÊ: Tudo sobre Protetor Solar

DOSSIER: Everything about Sunscreen

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When we talk about a basic Skincare routine, the last step is always sun protection, this is because UVB and UVA rays are toxic to the skin and can cause burns and even skin cancer! Even on cold or cloudy days, it is necessary to apply sunscreen, as the rays can still reach your skin.


We often get confused when choosing sunscreen based on SPF! Some people believe that it is the power of protection, but it means how long you can be exposed to the sun's rays without making your skin red.

Check out our FPS table:



SPF 15

150 minutes (2h50min)

SPF 30

300 minutes (5h)

SPF 50

500 minutes (8h30min)

SPF 90

900 minutes (15h)


After cleansing and hydrating your face, it's important to apply sunscreen! But don't go into the sun too soon: you need to wait around 20 minutes for the protection to start taking effect.

When applying sunscreen to your face, you need to apply it to five points: forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and spread it from the inside out, this way your entire face will be protected from the sun's rays! And don't forget your neck, neck and ears, they also need protection.


Even though we have SPF that last more than an hour, it is important to reapply the protector every two hours, this serves to maintain high protection.

If you are wearing makeup when you reapply and need to apply sunscreen, the solution is simple: pat the sunscreen all over your face, this way your makeup will remain intact and your skin will be protected!

The sun stick is also a great alternative to reapplying! You just need to lightly glide it on your skin four times in each area, this way your protection will be protected for longer and will have a glow effect.

But another way to reapply makeup protector is to invest in a cushion, which, as we said on our blog, has moisturizer and sunscreen, as well as being a great base for your face. When reapplying the cushion, you just need to apply the product to your face again, as if you had applied it for the first time.


Many people have doubts between physical and chemical protectors, and we understand this confusion since the two have some similar things, but now we're going to explain it to you!

Physical protectors are those that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in their composition. It is also known as an inorganic protector and people who are allergic, pregnant women and even children can use it, as its product is not absorbed by the skin. The physical protector blocks the sun's rays, in addition to having an immediate effect on protection.

Chemical protectors are those that react with UVB and UVA rays, causing the skin to absorb only a small, harmless amount of radiation. It is very easy to apply and has no restrictions on use!


Some people suffer from their sunscreen peeling off, and sometimes they blame it on the product, but don't worry, we have some tips on how to make your sunscreen look perfect on your skin.

If your face is oily, the problem could be the moisturizer you are applying before using sunscreen! If the moisturizer is too heavy, it will end up preventing the protector from being absorbed by your skin, causing it to flake.

If you use oil-based products and then apply sunscreen, be sure that it will flake off. This happens because water and oil do not mix, creating a chemical reaction that causes the two to separate!

Now, if you are on the team of almost never exfoliating your skin, this could be the problem that causes the sunscreen to peel off! When the pores are full of sebum, the products that are applied to the skin end up not being absorbed, thus causing the protector to crumble. Remember to exfoliate your face no more than twice a week.

The last tip is about your skincare order: start with the lightest products and finish with the thickest ones! If sunscreen comes into contact with more liquid products, such as serum or toner, the two products create build-up in the pores, making the sun protection ineffective and turning into small pellets of product.


Anyone who believes that any sunscreen is great for any skin type is mistaken! Each skin type has its own concerns and needs, and just as we use specific products, sunscreens also have their ideal skin types.

If your skin is dry, it is necessary to invest in sunscreens that are creamy, this way your skin will not feel tight, and if it has hyaluronic acid, in addition to protecting you, it will leave your skin hydrated.

Now, if your skin is oily, it is important to use sunscreen that has a dry touch and that absorbs quickly into the skin, as sebum production is greater, this can affect the product's protection factor.

Acne-prone skin can opt for protectors that contain vitamin C and hyaluronic acid , so that while it is protected, the product will be healing, causing your acne to decrease!

But if your skin is sensitive, it is necessary to use non-nano protectors , that is, it will not be absorbed by the skin, this is important so that the skin does not experience irritation during use. Also look for protectors that do not have alcohol in their composition or that have calming ingredients, such as Cica.

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  • Gostei demais! É realmente muito importante usar protetor solar, mais do que eu imaginava, pois não tinha a menor ideia da necessidade de utilizá-lo dentro de casa (algo que aprendi recentemente em alguns posts de outros blogs). Particularmente, uso um protetor comum de cor branca. E acredito que seja muito importante que as pessoas sejam conscientizadas a usar cada vez mais, independente de ser homem ou mulher. Recomendo demais, pois utilizar um filtro solar todos os dias ainda auxilia no combate ao envelhecimento, ressecamento, oleosidade excessiva, manchas e até mesmo no câncer de pele. Cuidar um pouco mais da nossa saúde, nunca é demais. Se possível, comprem e usem!! Eu encontrei uns descontos bem legais em um site de fora, é esse aqui

    Isaac Sena on

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