Skincare para todas as idades

Skincare for all ages

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It's common to talk about skincare for adults, but this can greatly affect young people looking for products for their younger skin. Because of this, we decided to bring a practical skincare guide for all ages.

Babies and children

If you thought the little ones would be left out, don't worry, they also have a skincare routine! It's not mandatory, as the basics are enough for your baby's sensitive skin, but you can add an unscented body moisturizer specific to your baby's age. This way, your skin will be soft and hydrated from an early age.


The acne and oily skin phase... it is common to have these characteristics, as there is an increase in hormones in the young body during puberty. From this time on, we can create a more detailed routine, with products that have BHA in their composition, helping to deeply clean pores and reduce sebum.

20 years

When we reach 20 years of age, puberty has already ended and we need to take care of our skin to reduce acne spots and hydrate the skin, in addition to preventing future problems. During this time it is necessary to use a lot of sunscreen and products with Vitamin C , as it is an antioxidant that reduces dark spots.

30 years

Did you know that from the age of 30, collagen production decreases, causing 1% of the body's collagen to be lost per year? That's why it's necessary to use products with collagen , to help replenish the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid which reduces skin aging.

40 years

Here, 10% of the skin's collagen has already been lost, as we mentioned previously, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to form. This happens because collagen is the main ingredient that keeps the skin firmer, so you need to keep this active ingredient in the products, but also add retinol and goji berries, which will help maintain elasticity and plump the cells.


From the age of 50, your skin is considered mature! For this type of skin we need to take extra care, using sunscreen with a high SPF and adding products with lots of nutrients and for the eye area , as there is little collagen in the skin, this area is the most affected.

Did you already know that each stage of our life can have a skincare routine? Don’t forget to follow us on social media and comment what you think of our blog!

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  • Gostaria skincare pelo seca . 60 anos o que vc indicam..

    Regiane Rocha Pereira on

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