Quanto tempo demora para que a acne desapareça com o sérum “AHA-BHA-PHA 30 days Miracle Serum” da Some by Mi?

How long does it take for acne to disappear with Some by Mi “AHA-BHA-PHA 30 days Miracle Serum”?

Posted by Camila Montecino on

We know that the Some by Mi serum is one of the favorites, if not the most, among k-beauty lovers who have acne and enlarged pores. Is he really good? And how long does it take for it to start taking effect? This is what we will tell you today.

I always had acne-prone skin, and with the end of my adolescence the acne and enlarged pores increased even more, it was as if I had several craters on my face, I underwent a lot of treatment with Roaccutane so that the acne stopped appearing on my skin, and it really worked. However, as a good Brazilian, not everything is a bed of roses: at the beginning of this year I discovered polycystic ovary, for those who don't know, it is a syndrome that increases several hormones in my body, and one of them is acne.

It didn't go back to what it was before, but my skin always had a pimple on one side, a blackhead there and super enlarged pores, it was a very bad thing for me to have to think that all my effort, and money, that I spent on the treatment wouldn't work. it worked, and my gynecologist always said: if you don't take care of your skin, your acne will worsen. That's when I decided to test Some by Mi's serum to see if it would help reduce the appearance of acne on my face.

I decided to test it on an acne that appeared on my face, it doesn't appear clearly in the image, however, it was very red, swollen and painful. The moment I applied the serum, the product calmed my skin at the same time, this happened due to the Centella Asiatica contained in the composition, leaving my face even softer.

I applied the product every day, morning and night, following a routine with the same brand's moisturizer , sunscreen and, of course, lots of cleansing. To avoid affecting the effect time, I didn't exfoliate my skin or use sheet masks, as I really wanted to know how long it would take for my acne to dry.


In just 3 days the acne I had on my skin disappeared, it simply no longer existed on my face, and thanks to the serum my pores shrank, not to mention that my skin became very hydrated and soft. I will definitely be using the serum for a long time, my acne has reduced a lot and is no longer appearing frequently, especially in this hot summer.

Of course, this result was for my skin, so if you want to test it, I recommend consulting with us at By first and understanding that the results may be different for you. Each skin is unique, just like its owner.

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  • Minha pele estava muito sensível e dando algumas acnes. N conseguia usar os produtos q costumava e resolvi tentar esse 30 days miracle. Com uma semana já senti um melhora na sensibilidade, percebi uma limpeza melhor após lavar, e quando da alguma acne, ele desinflama e melhora a aparência em poucos dias. Eu estou adorando esse tratamento :)

    Rafaela on
  • Tenho sentido uma grande diferença em pouco tempo também, já amei e vou usar fixamente me minha rotina <3

    Bárbara on

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