Saiba a diferença entre creme loção emulsão.

Know the difference between cream and emulsion lotion.

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The difference between cream, lotion and emulsion is, roughly speaking, the measurement between water and oil in each product and its viscosity, whether it is to hydrate, nourish or cleanse the skin.

Cosmetic technology always brings new innovations to the beauty market. Therefore, there is a multitude of raw materials, active ingredients and formulation presentations. These presentations must be observed since their formulas vary some characteristics of the cosmetics. These include spreadability, stability, absorption and tactile sensation on the skin. The formulations also differ in their hydration and absorption capacity, with some being more suitable for a certain skin type.

Cream or lotion?

Both cream and lotion are heterogeneous mixtures that have an aqueous phase and an oily phase, in different quantities. These are products that also contain other components in their formulas such as active ingredients, preservatives, dyes, fragrances.

Cream : the cream is the semi-solid formulation, that is, it is the densest of the 3. It has a thick, fluid and homogeneous appearance. It has slower absorption. It is ideal for normal, dry and extra dry skin. Great for very dry areas such as elbows, feet and knees, as it is able to “hold” water and fat in the skin (hydrolipid mantle).

Lotion : this is a formulation that is between the cream and the emulsion. Because it contains a greater amount of water, it is thinner and absorbs faster than the cream. It is perfect for any skin type. Also excellent for warmer climates, as it does not leave the skin feeling sticky.

Emulsion : It is the junction between water and oil in a stable and homogeneous way, with the presence of an emulsifying agent. It may have a different consistency or viscosity depending on the purpose of the product. Especially indicated for the development of formulations for dry skin, and can also be used for body treatments.

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