Filosofia do Skincare Coreano

Korean Skincare Philosophy

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Korean skincare or k-beauty is gaining more popularity and followers around the world every day. But, have you ever wondered why this self-care routine has been so successful in Brazil? Brazilian people are known for their vanity and concern for beauty, but the way they are used to taking care of their skin is very different from that of the East.

Outer beauty reflects inner beauty

In ancient times, Koreans believed that outer beauty reflected inner beauty and this was visible on the skin. Therefore, South Korean culture has long valued and developed skincare practices. Furthermore, for them, there is no need to wait until they are 25 years old to start treating the lack of nutrients or the appearance of the first signs of aging. The philosophy of Korean skincare is preventive, that is, it takes care of the skin to avoid damage, instead of focusing on repairing it as we are used to in Brazil. She is also concerned with maintaining the benefits in the long term, rather than “masking” the problem immediately.


Care, self-knowledge, technique and continuity

We can use these four little words as the pillars of the Korean skincare philosophy. They are present in Eastern culture and reflect on the way Koreans relate to their bodies and carry out their activities.

Taking care of and understanding your skin is a priority

Eastern philosophy is based on self-care and self-knowledge, and this applies both inside and out. Koreans know their skin's needs, which is essential since we are dealing with different types of products and ingredients.

For any basic step in the routine, you will need a specific product. For example, if you are going to use a Cleasing Oil (step 1: cleansing) and you have oily skin, it is recommended that you use a product like Super Off Cleansing Oil (Blackhead) , but if your skin is dry, you can use Super Off Cleansing Oil (Dryness Off ) , both by Missha. Purchasing the wrong product can worsen or create problems.

Therefore, knowing your skin and its specific needs is the only way to really take care of it and ensure that it is healthy and radiant.

Follow step by step daily


One of the curiosities of the Korean skincare routine is the number of steps that involve, in short: cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, treatment and sun protection. Some techniques, such as massages while applying products, “layering” (applying one product over another in the correct order) or double cleansing (1- oil-based/ 2- water-based), prepare the skin and increase absorption capacity, ensuring that the benefits are greater.

Discipline is a foundation of Eastern culture, so in addition to structuring the routine step by step according to your skin type and needs, focusing and continuing is essential to maintain results.

And there? Ready to embrace Korean skincare? :)

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Did you like our tips? So enjoy and learn more about this new trend!

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